Custom built table

Customer supplied material from an old distillery and was transformed into a 16 foot conference table.

Eastern cedar is a local species the heart wood is resistant to decay.  Light in weight and structurally stable is a terrific wood for beginning wood workers for its ease of cutting.  Here is a cedar top glued up going to a local museum.

We offer custom flooring, moldings, glue ups, and band mill work at prices sometimes half of market pricing.   

Glued Tops

Bring us your design elements and we will work with you to choose flooring, moldings, table tops, and some light steel fabrication that will fit any decor in any room.  Spruce up your home with a new look.

Featued Products

Pecan Island top-unfinished


Noted for hardness, admired for look, pecan is beautiful without stain, but can easily accept stain for multitude of wood matches.Pecan will give you the look, quality, and character, to enhance any room in your home. There are some color variations to provide the look and charm desired.

Featured products


Pecan table with Mahogany stain.

​Pecan floor with clear coat.

Have fun

Cedar panels in a walnut frame.  It's fun to create and use short length pieces as well